Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Whiskey 50 article

Yesterday I set out for a training ride on the trails right by my house. At the same time my Dad took my son and my sister's dog for a hike. Without realizing it we chose the same trail so a few minutes into my ride I got to see my sweet boy! Then about an hour later I got a phone call while I was stopped at the top of Bobsled. It was a reporter from Arizona asking about the Whiskey 50. He turned around a quick article and you can find it here! (I wonder what fun things will happen on today's ride?!?!)

Chance meeting with my boy on the trail mid-ride!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sea Otter XC and STXC race report

It was a great weekend of racing in Northern California at the Sea Otter Classic. We had perfect temperatures for racing, unlike some of the past years where heat has been a major issue. 
Short Track took place on Friday morning. It was a longer course than last year, laps were close to 5 minutes with a flyover bridge, deep sand corners and plenty of spectators! Despite some very crazy travel (our airplane to Monterey couldn't land so we were sent back to LA to spend 5 hours in a hotel then re-routed to San Jose...) and very little sleep I placed 14th
Saturday's XC race was an hour longer than we normally race. 2 x 17 mile laps. I knew it would take me close to 2.5 hours so I wanted to partition my energy so I could finish strong. I didn't want to lay it  all out there in the first 45 minutes and start going backwards in the field during the second lap. Around 30 minutes in I was stuck behind a train of riders on some climbing single track and I knew I had more, much more. So when it opened up I passed 5 girls all at once! Shortly after I caught another girl and after that I rode mostly alone for the rest of the race. I caught one other girl on the second lap and Erin had a mechanical so I caught her then she passed me back. I kept pushing up every climb hoping it was enough to maintain my position. I rolled across the line in 12th place with a time of 2:33. I felt great after the race and I'm ready to keep the good energy rolling!
I raced my Jamis Dakota D29 Team. A hard tail was the only choice for both races in my opinion. There's essentially nothing technical on the Sea Otter course, just power is needed, so light and stiff is key.  Last year I raced my Geax Mezcals on this course but decided to stick with my Saguaros since some of the climbs seemed a little looser. Am I beginning to sound like a broken record with the Saguaros?! It's true, I love them in every condition! 
I was also concerned how my hands, feet, and seat would handle pressure on them for this extended amount of time racing. I'm thrilled to report that everything I use works great for me no matter the distance or intensity. The Mt. Borah custom chamois combined with the  WTB Silverado saddle was comfortable the entire time, I stood up a few times to give my legs a different workout but never because I needed to relieve pressure from my rear! My custom ESI grips kept my hands happy and my new Gaerne Kobras kept my feet happy! All of my equipment is dialed in so I can focus on the race!
Sea Otter XC

Sea Ottter STXC

Standing next to Melissa R. before the start of XC
XC Start 
STXC Start

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sea Otter Saturday

After racing on Saturday I had a chance to visit more sponsors and friends!

The Jamis Bikes crew-these are the guys that make my racing happen!

Richie of Stan's NoTubes

Sal, Erica and Jason of WTB

John of GEAX/Vitorria

Local SLC friends, Chris and Chris!

Jamis family: Carine, Rob, Greg, Sal, Max, TC, Rotem and Erica

Sea Otter Friday

Jonathan and Kathy of Elevated Legs

Zach of POC

Vinny and Phil (Phil raced for the Jamis road team last year)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Spring time riding in the Salt Lake Valley

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Maverik asked me to shoot a commercial with them in Moab! Never thought I'd become a loyal fan of a gas station but I can tell you that Maverik is the one for me! Everyone that I worked with kind and professional. They have some really great programs to help you save money on gas and they make fresh food all day long! We rode "Dave's Trail" for the actions shots. Christine rode all the big drops with the guys-super impressive! Such a fun day on the bike in the sun!

Erica, Storie, Christine

Erica, Christine, Sterling, Jerad, Storie

Erica, Christine, Storie

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cactus Hugger-Intermountain Cup Race #2

This weekend I got to race on the trails I consider to be my home away from home. Racing in the desert in St. George, Utah is always a blast and this time I was able to finish the race in second place! The chase at the front was intense with another national caliber rider! My Jamis Team Dakar XCR was the absolute best choice for this rocky, fast course. I was able to fly over the rocks and keep it open through the corners with my GEAX Saguaros! For the first time this year I raced on my Stan's Race Golds and loved the predictable, stable feel, having raced that hoop for 4 years now. Since the USCUP races in SoCal in March I've been recovering and rebuilding. My energy and flow was back up and I'm ready to take on Sea Otter next week!