Thursday, August 21, 2014

Universal Sports Network

In addition to being broadcast on RedBull TV (watch the replay here), our race was broadcast on Universal Sports Network! Take a look below for my cameo!


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Windham World Cup photo

Racing  the 2014 Windham World Cup
This great photo was taken by the man that captures the best images every single race. Huge thanks to Dave McElwaine of Cycling News for passing it along!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tour de Draper

Anne and I did a nice long road ride the other day. We were both trying to avoid climbing so we did a big loop around the south Salt Lake Valley (through Draper).  We love sharing race stories. She just raced the women's Tour of Utah races!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Maiden Voyage on the Jamis Xenith TT bike

A couple weeks ago I rode my other new bike. Hello learning curve! The first few minutes on my new Jamis Xenith TT bike were a whole new experience on two wheels. Luckily I was at Antelope Island with no traffic because I was ALL over the road. I couldn’t hold a straight line to save my life. Then came the “decent”, ha! I was so scared to go down a hill without brakes within my reach, I sat up out of the aero bars to go down. By the end of that first hour I was feeling more comfortable but still not super stable. I went back out to Antelope Island (mainly because my power meter hadn’t been working and I had a very power specific workout) the next morning. I put 50 miles on the bike that second day. I hit the descent twice, the first time I rode it somewhat tentatively in the aero bars, but by the second time, POWER! I powered down that decent. It’s the same as a mountain bike! Keep your weight in the bottom bracket, lean the bike and look ahead. No big deal! Now….I LOVE THIS BIKE! LOVE! I love the simplicity of just putting out as much power as you can. That being said, I acknowledge there is way more to it than simply pedaling a TT bike in the aero position. There is much for me to learn here and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Maiden Voyage on the Jamis Xenith

My first ride on my Jamis Xenith was a recovery ride, so I didn’t put the performance of the bike to the test. The next ride though…oh boy! I had intervals with some quick sprints in them and let me tell you-this bike can SPRINT! I’ve since ridden it multiple times and I’m amazed at how much better this bike feels under me than my 2007 frame. The fit is much better and that becomes apparent when cornering, I’m so much more comfortable on this bike. I’m stoked on it, seriously stoked on it!

Whole9 New Zealand

I had the great pleasure of meeting the Whole9 contingent from New Zealand. Jamie Scott has been working with Dallas and Melissa for a while and officially became part of Whole9 2 years ago. Jamie and I connected via Dallas and Melissa and have been sharing nutrition and riding ideas (he used to race as well). He and Anastasia (his partner who is an MD in NZ who also promotes the Whole30/Whole9 lifestyle) came to visit SLC this past week. John and I were luckily enough to share sushi with them and review all things paleo, New Zealand (specifically Christchurch where Jamie survived the epic earthquake 3 years ago), Hobbits (Middle Earth) and bikes. Always bikes. These are possibly the smartest people I know.  Now if I’d listen to all of their advice! 
Dallas, Melissa, Anastasia, Jamie, Erica, John

Rx Bars

Have you tried an RxBar yet? If not, it is time. They’ve redesigned their packaging and made the bars slightly smaller. This means slightly lower calories which works out for me since I eat the entire bar every time I open one! They were caught in a backorder with this new design, but they are back at it strong. I eat them on my longer training rides and always have a stash with me when I travel. What I love most about these are the simplicity of the ingredients: 4 egg whites, 1 date, 1 fig, 8 almonds.

As a side note, the RxBar t-shirt happens to be my all time favorite, softer than any other tee I’ve owned!