Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Flying Dog Elbow

Today Carl, Greg & I did some Flying on Flying Dog. Unfortunately, my Flying landed me my elbow at one point. There are a couple of bridges on the descent (depending which way you do the loop). I was hanging on Carl's wheel, pushing my descending limits and LOVING it. We crossed one bridge and I thought "that could be slippery if it were damp". I hit the second bridge just right (wrong) and slipped out and landed super hard on my arm. It took a few minutes to catch my breath but I was able to finish the ride. Dr. Greg (Anesthesiologist) did a trail side assessment and wasn't sure if there was a fracture. I ended up getting an X-ray just to be safe. All is well, just a bad bump with a large & painful goose-egg on my elbow. Last time I rode with Greg's brother, Brad I broke my rib, so I was concerned these brothers were bad luck for me! But since there's no fracture I can continue to rally with them on the trails...that's a good thing.

3 minutes before the fall