Saturday, July 17, 2010

Park City Epic Single Track

No race on a Saturday means play time! Johnny flew up to be with us again last weekend. Carl took us (Todd, Johnny & me) on the best single track that I have EVER had. We started at Deer Valley and rode some of the ICP Race Course backwards then we went to the mid-week race course and Bow Hunter, Flagstaff, Mid-Mountain, back through Deer Valley then connected to Round Valley...I'm not sure about the names of what we were riding. I just pedaled, as hard as I could for almost 4 hours. The guys are all on single speeds (we are all on NINERS!!!) and everyone was on fire that day. The scenery was unbelievable, some times the forest was so thick it was almost dark. It was an epic day that I can't wait to repeat.

Carl & Johnny
Todd & Erica