Saturday, July 24, 2010

Royal Street Climb

Cori, Carl & I went for a spin on our road bikes on Saturday. It's the first Saturday in months that I wasn't on my mountain bike. Once again, it was quite cold for July (for me at least), 41 degrees! We rode from their house to Royal Street and climbed up to the base of Gaurdsman Pass. I was reminiscing the single track we rode the previous week right in that exact same area. You Park City People, You are very Lucky People living near such great rides (Road and Mountain). Although, I'm not sure I will envy you in January!
We ran into Kenny & Jared & their crew on their way to ride mid-mountain. I was a bit jealous:)
Sisters (Erica & Cori) at Empire Pass? on the Gaurdsman Pass Road, Heber City in the background
The route