Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wasatch Front Ultra Canyons Tour

The crazies were out in full force Monday morning and I joined them for a bit. Johnny, Todd & I left SLC at 4:00 AM, picked up Ike and started riding up Provo Canyon at 5:15 AM in the dark. We met Al at the entrance of Sundance Canyon, he was barely alive. He'd left his hotel at 3:30 AM, ridden up American Fork and down Sundance all before the sun rise. His fingerless gloves and arm warmers did nothing to stave off the cold of the 38 degree descent. I lent him my vest, but he couldn't even zip it up, his fingers had no dexterity. The views were breathtaking as the sun was rising. Chris met us near the top of the Alpine Loop, he too had already ridden up American Fork. The 6 of us hit the top and stood in the sun to warm up, we thought we were cold. Oh boy, that wasn't cold. It was a balmy 41 for our descent of American Fork. I had to stop 2 times to get blood back into my fingers, they were so numb I couldn't brake anymore. Scary. Everyone made it alive and we hit Chevron for some hot cocoa. Then I bid adieu to the crazy boys and rode back to the entrance of Provo Canyon. I'm hoping to get Johnny to do a guest post on the rest of their epic ride. The continued over Suncrest, up Little Cottonwood, Big Cottonwood, Millcreek Canyon then Emigation Canyon. About 141 miles and 16,800 feet of climbing. Take a look at the Garmin stats.
Unloading bikes at the mouth of Provo Canyon
Just past Sundance

Johnny & Erica warming up in preparation for the descent
My brakes didn't work so well after riding through the "Warning-Flood" part of the road
Hot Cocoa at Chevron, mmmmmmm

Al, Chris, Johnny, Ike & Todd