Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tour of Park City

In White: Todd, Unknown Jans rider, Johnny-yes, I know he is cut off and out of focus, I bought the wrong photo. Sometimes I am a real smarty pants.

As has been the case with just about every ride/race my husband has done this year, The Tour of Park City began with a short drive to the North Las Vegas General Aviation Airport and then an equally short flight to Heber City, UT. What would normally take him over seven hours in a car ends up taking him less than two in the small, twin engine Cessna.

I’ll spare you the boring details of the 150 mile race itself (road racing is much less exciting than XC racing) and skip to highlights. The main objective was to keep Steve, the best rider in the plane, near the front and out of trouble so that he could take off on the climb up to Mt. Baldy. I’m guessing they did a good job, because Steve ended up in second place and was very pleased with the outcome. John and Todd were blown from sitting at the front through a “nasty” dirt section (how could dirt be nasty?) and across the windswept beauty that is Evanston, WY and limped in sometime later.

Where were the highlights you ask? Well, for these boys the highlight of racing their bikes comes several hours after when their stomachs have recovered from the overload of power food. Since they were staying in a cabin in Heber (have I mentioned that my husband’s weekends do not suck), Kirkham and I met up with them for milkshakes at a great new place in Midway named Fill'er Up Coffee Station. We then drove up to the cabin and hung out on the wrap-around deck, taking in the vista and sharing stories, truly the highlight of the race day.

On Sunday morning they were back in Vegas by 9am, just in time for church!

John, Steve & Chad unloading Todd's plane at the Heber Airport

No race photos yet...check back in a few days

Post Race at the Cabin: Steve, Todd (preparing Gospel Doctrine Lesson and wearing recovery tights) and Johnny, Chad was inside for this photo