Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fat Cyclist

The Fat Cyclist is a Utah blogger with a HUGE following. I'm friends with his friends, but we've never met. His wife recently joined Strava and has been on a QOM (Queen of the Mountain) hunt ever since. Apparently Clarks Trail in Corner Canyon is on her list. She missed it by 19 seconds the other day so I have a target on my back now! I'm assuming she'll take the QOM on Clarks soon. Luckily for me, I've unsubscribed from the "Uh oh!" emails from Strava detailing who took what QOM from me. It was messing with my head!
No matter the content, I'm just happy to have been on Fatty's blog, he's big time!

PS: In true Fat Cyclist style I'm adding a PS to this post...I just noticed that the Strava widget on my blog has a picture of a guy carrying a bike. I guess that's what happens when there is no activity. No cool graphs or metrics. Someone off the bike:(